CYDES 2023 DAY 4 – More grace and honor.

We are graced by the visit of YM Raja Dato’ Nushirwan Bin Zainal Abidin, Director General for National Security, NationalSecurityCouncil (NSC). The visit was engaging and we are honored to showcase our innovative solution including CODEREDASM.

It is also a special day to have a pleasant chat with Puan Shariffah Rasidah Syed Othman, Acting Chief Executive of National Cyber Security Agency (NACSA) over in-house rose latte.

A big thank you to MDEC team for facilitating and also making the necessary arrangement to ensure the success of Cyber100.

To know more about Cyber100 Cohort 1-3:

More new and old friends are showing up for support today. We are again humbly delighted and grateful for the opportunity to be part of CYDES.

To participate with a 3x4m booth isn’t easy for us. It is even more daunting for the organizer to host and organize an international event. We applaud the commitment and hard work from the organizer (NSC ,NACSA) for the success of CYDES2023.

Looking forward to the next event.

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